Sabado, Hunyo 2, 2012

Want to go to a white sand beach without a crowd?

        When it comes to beaches; be it summer, reunion, outing, or any kind of event, people most likely chose the ones with white sand.

white sand beach
Rapu - Rapu, Albay 
        My favorite place, Rapu - Rapu has its very own white sand beach. Though it's not yet developed as a resort, it will be become one. On the other hand, that makes it an advantage to the place to have more tourists to come, visit and experience the hidden beauty of the place that only a few who knows because it's free; free to swim, camp and enjoy the nature.

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  1. hi there. im nik and i’d like to know more about the island as my great grand father is from rapu rapu. im currently based abroad and i’d like to pay a visit there during my vacation soon. i hope you can tell me more before i finally go there. here’s my email, thank you.