Linggo, Mayo 13, 2012

Why am I passionate about Rapu - Rapu?

           Rapu – Rapu Island, consist of 3 municipalities with 34 barangays. Poblacion, one of its barangay and the Centro of the island, is my birthplace. Both my parents were raised there and 90% of my clan lives there until today. Before I reach 1 year, we vacated the place and started a new living in the city. Though I wasn’t raised there, I love the place more than any other place I have been. When I was a little kid, we always spend our two months vacation there but as I grew older it only becomes one month or even only just a few weeks. I consider my current place as no much to Rapu – Rapu, they are completely opposite from each other.

           Whenever we’re about to visit the place I get so excited. It is some kind of unique happiness that I feel towards just to that place. There is no exact word that can describe how I really feel when I’m there and most especially when I have to leave the place again. It is like always the most depressing time of my life. Being apart from that place makes it more unexciting and boring. Since all of my cousins are there I don’t have someone near me that I can talk to, laugh and bond with.

        My best childhood experiences are right there. I feel like an eagle soaring high while playing with the other kids. Its just a little depressing that my beautiful memories there where stained. Well, that's just life and it may become too perfect and unrealistic for me if there were no sad moments. You can't experience rainbow with going through a little rain.

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