Linggo, Mayo 27, 2012

SUMMERFEAST: It's more fun in Rapu - Rapu

      Most of the festivities in the Philippines are held every May: the summer season. And one of those is the vibrant celebration of Layag Festival of brgy. Poblacion every May 27th though, each of the 34 barangays have their own fiesta celebration: Pagcolbon (May 6th), Malobago (May 1st), Batan (May 15th) etc. Since Poblacion is the Centro of the municipality, it has the grandest celebration. People from other barangays join the celebration. There are lots of activities held at the barangay starting on the 2nd to the last week of May. 

Welcome to Layag Festival, Brgy. Poblacion pier
Brgy. Poblacion, Pier
        One of the liveliest events is the Mayor's cup. I think the basketball game there was the best in any other place. (It was one of my favorite too, and based on my experience) There are usually 2 divisions; midget and junior: the 6 puroks of the barangay competing for the championship. Each team doing their best, everyone giving all they've got and the full support of the corresponding purok, it may be a little exaggerated when you look at it but that what's makes it more fun.

Opening parade, guadalupe elementary school
Opening Parade
Guadalupe Elem. School
       And the favorite of all; the public dances, held every last two nights of the celebration: one night for the seniors and one night for the young adults.  There are also activities such as: Run for the Mangroves Marathon, Gay Majorettes, Senior Citizens Day, Social Workers Day, Amateur Boxing, Lyre and Drum Competition, Dance Competition, Street Dance, Sibid – Sibid Race and a lot more.
Opening Parade, presentation of delegates
Opening Parade
presentation of delegates

Run for the Mangroves
Run for the Mangroves

         This would really be a great time for tourists or vacationers; they don’t just get to enjoy their summer at the beach but also experienced the fun of the whole place.

Search for Mutya ng Layag
Search for Mutya ng Layag

Sabado, Mayo 26, 2012


set - up inside a motor boat
inside the motor boat
  1. Avoid scheduling your trip on 20th of May onwards. As much as possible make it April or on the first two weeks of May.
  2. In case you failed to follow tip #1, you should be early to buy the ticket. Sometimes even before the motor boat arrives at the port, seats are already reserved. (tickets are sold at the waiting shed)
  3. Be early so that you can choose a comfortable seat. (Avoid getting a seat at the back part, it doesn't smell good when the motor boat starts its engine)
  4. Bring some ointment or anything for headache or motion sickness.
  5. Make sure to bring a fan.
  6. Expect the unexpected.
  7. Be patient.

Sabado, Mayo 19, 2012

Rapu - Rapu: Hidden Wonders

     The municipality of Rapu - Rapu comprises 3 islands namely: Batan, Rapu - Rapu and Guinanayan. The Centro which is Poblacion is in Rapu - Rapu island. The municipality is composed of a total of 34 barangays:

Malobago Guadalupe Carogcog
Poblacion Binosawan Tinopan
Batan Mancao Galicia
Bohatan Nagcalsot Calanaga
San Ramon Liguan Gaba
Sagrada Tinocawan Villa Hermosa
Masaga Manila Caracaran
Lagundi Bogtong Dapdap
Bagaobawan Mananao Buenavista
Viga Linao Pagcolbon
Morocborocan Sta. Barbara Bilbao

Carogcog Beach - Rapu - Rapu, Albay
Carogcog, Rapu - Rapu, Albay
View of Batan Island from Brgy. Malobago
View of Batan Island from Brgy. Malobago
Liguan, Rapu - Rapu, Albay
Liguan, Rapu - Rapu, Albay
Brgy. Galicica, Batan Island
Brgy. Galicica, Batan Island

Linggo, Mayo 13, 2012

Why am I passionate about Rapu - Rapu?

           Rapu – Rapu Island, consist of 3 municipalities with 34 barangays. Poblacion, one of its barangay and the Centro of the island, is my birthplace. Both my parents were raised there and 90% of my clan lives there until today. Before I reach 1 year, we vacated the place and started a new living in the city. Though I wasn’t raised there, I love the place more than any other place I have been. When I was a little kid, we always spend our two months vacation there but as I grew older it only becomes one month or even only just a few weeks. I consider my current place as no much to Rapu – Rapu, they are completely opposite from each other.

           Whenever we’re about to visit the place I get so excited. It is some kind of unique happiness that I feel towards just to that place. There is no exact word that can describe how I really feel when I’m there and most especially when I have to leave the place again. It is like always the most depressing time of my life. Being apart from that place makes it more unexciting and boring. Since all of my cousins are there I don’t have someone near me that I can talk to, laugh and bond with.

        My best childhood experiences are right there. I feel like an eagle soaring high while playing with the other kids. Its just a little depressing that my beautiful memories there where stained. Well, that's just life and it may become too perfect and unrealistic for me if there were no sad moments. You can't experience rainbow with going through a little rain.

Trip to Rapu - Rapu

                 Getting there is fast and easy, well it may be a little hassle and uncomfortable for others who are not really into adventures.
MB St. Therese at Legazpi City Port going to Rapu - Rapu
MB St. Therese at Legazpi City Port

                 It's pretty simple, the trip going to the island is either early in the morning at 7:00 or 12:30 in the afternoon, same as when you're from Rapu - Rapu going back to Legazpi. There are 3 different motor boats traveling back and forth; they used to call it "motor". It anchors at Legazpi City port. From Legazpi, there is only one motor boat in the morning and 2 in the afternoon, and from Rapu - Rapu sometimes there are two in the morning and always one in the afternoon. The afternoon trip takes longer time than the morning trip for it passes to the other barangays of Rapu - Rapu for passengers going to the Centro and other barangays while the morning trip goes directly to the Centro.
Arrival of motor boat at the pier of Poblacion, Rapu - Rapu Albay
Arrival at Poblacion, Rapu - Rapu, Albay

                 The trip costs Php. 100.00 but for students, it only costs Php. 65.00. It takes at least two hours before you reach the destination. In two hours, you can sleep until you get there or see the islands near you. As you get close to the main destination you will pass by some of the municipality's barangay.

                T his is one of the eye catching islands when you get near to Poblacion. Pagol Island is composed of 4 islets (2 small, 2 big) where one of them has fish - like shape.

Pagol Island, Brgy. Poblacion, Rapu - Rapu, Albay
Pagol Island

                 When you get there, there are several sidecar bicycles waiting for passengers going to their respective places. It has been the primary means of transportation there.
Pier, Poblacion Rapu - Rapu, Albay
Pier, Poblacion Rapu - Rapu, Albay